Meet WP Interactions: Making Websites Interactive

Hello, I’m Benjamin Intal of Gambit, I’m the Founder and Lead Developer of Stackable – Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks. I’m excited to announce a new product we’ve been working on – WP Interactions, our new upcoming plugin for the Block Editor.

Remember when websites were just pages with text and pictures? Well, those days are over. We’re entering an exciting new era where websites are not just seen or viewed, but they are something that visitors are meant to interact with for the ultimate web experience. And interactivity is exactly what we’re bringing to the table with WP Interactions!

The Challenge

Ever thought about making a website that changes or “reacts” when you hover over an image, or transitions as you scroll? Or how about having different buttons that auto-fills parts of your elaborate form? Or maybe a website with a large menu that when you hover over an item, your whole page transitions to something else.

Traditionally, this would require some serious (and very complicated) code, which can be a big problem if you’re just starting out or if you’re more of a designer than a coder.

While there are some solutions in the WordPress space to make websites interactive, they are currently limited. The usual solution would be to turn to a page builder that has built-in interactive or animation features; however, this option is not flexible if you’re using other plugins since their interactive or animation features are usually exclusive for use on the widgets or blocks that the page builder offers.

Given the recent trend towards interactivity and the limited options out there, we thought: “How can we make creating interactive websites easy and accessible for everyone?”

Our Answer: WP Interactions

And so, WP Interactions was born. It’s not just a tool; it’s a whole new way to make your website come alive and offer a unique experience to every visitor.

We’ve designed this plugin to work like magic with the WordPress Block Editor, making it super easy for anyone to add cool interactive features to their site. WP Interactions sets the stage for you so you can create any and whatever interactions you want. You could make any block do simple animations like slide, fade, bounce, spin, and more just like in this example:

And we even went beyond that! What makes WP Interactions unique from other plugins is that this is not a tool to simply make animations, you can do functional things as well. You can create dynamic interactions for your users.

Imagine a button on your site that not only reacts when clicked but also updates its count in real time – like a ‘Like’ button that tracks how many times it’s been clicked.

Interactions, Triggers and Actions

WP Interactions is all about creating different frontend interactions for your site. An interaction is composed of one trigger and one or more actions. The power of WP Interactions comes from the ability to create interactions by specifying one trigger and mix and match a string of actions that occur based on a timeline that you set.

A trigger can be anything from:

  • A mouse click
  • The mouse going across the screen
  • An HTML element getting a new class
  • An HTML event
  • An exit intent
  • A localStorage item changes to a specific value
  • …and more

Actions can be anything from:

  • Moving an element
  • Redirecting to another page
  • Changing any CSS style
  • Change the page’s state
  • Save post meta
  • Add a URL hash
  • …and more

With these, you can build a whole range of interactive elements for your website – from simple animations to complex and dynamic frontend interactions!

Built for the WordPress Block Editor

All these possibilities and with the compatibility with any WordPress Block Editor tool. WP Interactions was designed to work with any block and it wasn’t designed to work with just one plugin, it should work seamlessly with any plugin or element you use on your website.

With WP Interactions, creating these interactions is now an easily achievable reality that can significantly enhance engagement with your website’s audience. These are just a few examples of what you can do with WP Interactions, but there’s so much more and we’re leaving it to you to explore it.

Watch this short video to have a quick overview of what WP Interactions can do.

Join Our Beta Program

While WP Interactions is still in the works, we’re offering a beta program where you can test it out before its public release! Here, you will not only gain early access, but you will also have a hand in helping us develop its final build before we roll it out to everyone else.

We invite you to be part of the WP Interactions journey! Sign up for our beta program and be one of the first to experience the future of website interactivity on WordPress






2 responses to “Meet WP Interactions: Making Websites Interactive”

  1. Rio Mastri Avatar

    I have tested WP Interaction and believe it will revolutionize the Block Editor builder. However, it needs to be developed with the common user in mind, making it easier to use.

    1. Alex Yap Avatar
      Alex Yap

      Hi Rio! We’re glad to hear you’ve tried out WP Interactions Beta, you might want to join our Facebook community ( or send in your suggestions to our feedback form ( on how you think we can make WP Interactions better!

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