Animate Any WordPress Block with Ease

Say goodbye to static designs. Easily add motion and movement to any block, whether from core WordPress or third-party plugins, right within the block editor.

  • Scrolling Parallax Animations
  • Hover Mouse Animations
  • Entrance & Exit Animations

Make Your WordPress Website Interactive

Turn every click, hover, or scroll into an engaging experience for your visitors. With our intuitive timeline, combine actions and create rich multi-step interactions without writing a line of code.

  • Click
  • Hover
  • While Mouse Hovering
  • Mouse Down and Release
  • Entered Into Viewport
  • Class Toggle
  • Attribute Toggle
  • HTML Event
  • On Page Load
  • Exit Page Intent
  • Scroll
  • Page State Change
  • URL Hash Change

Build Dynamic Interactions

Combine animations with the power of dynamic data and create interactions that respond intelligently to real-time data, improving the functionality and interactivity of your website.

  • Scrolling Parallax Animations
  • Hover Mouse Animations
  • Entrance & Exit Animations

More Features

Extensive Trigger Options

Trigger interactions using any element or page state

  • Blocks
  • CSS Class
  • CSS Selector

Rich Action Selection

Choose from a wide range of actions to make your website more interactive

  • Display
  • Animation
  • Style
  • Navigation
  • Event
  • HTML
  • Data Handling
  • More

Visual Timeline

Drag actions within the timeline or further customize the behavior of your interactions with options like loop, play once, always reset, and more!

Location Rules

Ensure your interactions appear exactly where you want them. Set rules to specify the pages and posts where interactions will be applied.

Data Referencing

Data handling simplified. Reference values across different actions to seamlessly fetch, calculate, or display data in your dynamic interactions.

Advanced Matching Options

Utilize the built-in matching mechanism that gives you more control over which blocks are affected by the action.

Staggered Actions

Enhance your interactions by applying actions to multiple blocks with staggered timing.

Debug Mode

Identify issues quickly and ensure your interactions work flawlessly

Real-time Previews

See your interactions in action right in the block editor


What is WPInteractions?

WP Interactions is a WordPress plugin that you can use to build dynamic experiences for your visitors.

You should be able to use it also in the Site Editor and it should work with both native blocks and third-party blocks.

What can I make with this?

It’s endless! You can make animations like entrance animations, scroll animations, parallax effects. You can also make more complex things displaying dynamic content, page navigation without refreshing, content manipulation.

It’s not about automating things, it’s about making your frontend interactive.

Is this for automation?

Not quite. Automation revolves around triggers and performing actions, but it usually involves connecting services together or usually from the back end.

WP Interactions also uses the terms triggers and actions, but it is more for building interactions for the frontend of your site.

However, using an automation plugin with WP Interactions would be a powerful combination!

Is this only for animations?

You can use WP Interactions to build animations, but it has a lot more uses!

Imagine that if you have a very long form, you can use the different actions and starting state of your form elements and turn it into a multi-part form.

Can I use this with X plugin?

WP Interactions is built for the Block Editor – it should work with any third-party block plugins. It should also work in the Site Editor.

As long as you use the Block Editor, then it should work with any plugin.

Who made this?

This was created by Benjamin Intal, founder of Stackable – a page builder block library plugin for WordPress.