Discover the Magic of WP Interactions

Explore how you can transform your WordPress site with stunning animations and interactions—no coding required.

3D Rotation

Hover over and around the card and see it come to life as it moves three-dimensionally in response to your cursor’s movements.


Enhance the visual appeal of your website by moving elements at different speeds, giving your visitors a sense of depth and immersion.

Mouse Movement

Add motion to your website with elements that follow your cursor

Staggered Display

Reveal elements one by one, creating a smooth and elegant flow that keeps users intrigued.

Color Change on Scroll

Keep your audience engaged with background and/or text color changes as they scroll through your site.










Engage your users with interactive calculators, whether it’s for pricing, measurements, or custom forms.

Like Button and Counter

Boost user engagement with an interactive like button and counter. Let your visitors express their appreciation and see how popular your content is in real-time.

Hover to Reveal

Add an interactive twist with hover-to-reveal content.

to reveal

Add an element of surprise

with content that appears

on button click

Scroll to Element

Enhance user experience with a button that smoothly scrolls to the next element. Keep your visitors engaged and guide them through your content effortlessly.

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From stunning animations to interactive elements, unlock the full

potential of your WordPress site with WP Interactions–without writing a

single line of code.